Our commitment, the flexibility to adapt to your needs: we offer a wide variety of Quantitative Investigation services to suit your necessities and timing.

Our national net of interviewers has extensive experience interviewing different targets, from general consuming public to leading voices in any kind of matter. Our own team of recruiters has proved great efficiency on the recruitment of the most difficult targets, for either qualitatives or quantitatives interviews.

  • CONSUMERS, of any age, from children to elderly individuals.
  • B2B, at any level.
  • HEALTH CARE/ PHARMA, from patients to specialists.


  • Personal Interview: Personal interviews assisted by computer (CAPI) (70 devices).
  • Phone interviews:  35 positions(CATI).
  • Online CAWI studies.
  • TAWI Interviews:Personal interviews assisted by tablets online (75  devices).
  • Interviews at point of sale.
  • Interviews in Hall test: At a national level: supermarket shelves, own refrigerating chambers…
  • Data processing: We provide a wide range of result options to satisfy all kinds of methodological and budget needs of our clients.
  • Design and survey implementation once they have passed the refinement and supervision process.
  • Codification of open-ended questions by our professional encoders team.
  • Tabulation: Following the tabulation guide provided by clients.
  • Report: Detailed analisis and survey report.
  • Data delivey in any of the following formats:  ASCII, Excel, SPSS, Barwin,…
  • Mystery shopping: Our net of Mystery Shoppers are experienced in:
    • Mystery Shoppings or ON-SITE audits: Point of sale evaluations by Shoppers in the establishments, evaluating the shopping process or auditing specific materials (promotions, discounts,exhibitors, etc.)
    • Exit Interviews: With real purchasers that exit the establishment to obtain their immediate opinion after the shopping process and the reasons not to buy.
    • Phone Mystery Shoppings: Phone Mystery Shopping calling customer service centres or sellers directly.
    • E-MAIL Mystery Shoppings: E-mail  consultations to examine the quality of the customer service as well as the answer.
    • INTERNET Mystery Shoppings: Internet Mystery Shopping to evaluate the shopping process or the customer service as well as the web page. Profesional encoder-

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