Our motto, TO BE FLEXIBLE AND ADAPT . We provide our customers with a great variety of services and options that complement each other. We can as well meet our customer’s demand, regarding both method and budget.

  • Top quality digital recordings with simultaneous translation.
  • Transcripted verbatims into spanish or any other language EP’S / RG’S.
  • Data gathering in both spanish or english.
  • Focusvision.
  • Video streaming (Spanish and/ or other language).
  • Catering service.
  • CCTV viewing/ Spy mirror.
  • Closed-circuit TV.



Our rooms are specifically designed and equiped to conduct discussion groups and in-depth interviews. To see the specific characteristics of each of our rooms, please click on the images. click here.


  • We count on our own professional department. Experts with more than 10 years of experience that enable us to garantee the maximum quality.
  • Customer’s briefing: Our personnel always receive an exhaustive briefing by the customer. This information is notified to the recruiters and tracked during the whole recruitment process.
  • Information and recruitment reports are given during the whole process and at the customer’s disposal immediatly.
  • Telephone or face to face recruitment in order to achieve the maximum efficiency, with consequent cost savings for the customers.
  • Computer-based recruitment system.
  • Validated ANEIMO samples.


We select the translator based on the needs of each project and his experience in a certain area (b2b, pharma, social investigation…).


Merkastar counts on a team of professionals with great experience, with a profound knowledge of the qualitative methods as well as great experience in each phase of an investigation project.

Our team has great experience in the most advanced methods and techniques:

  • Discussion groups or standard mini-groups
  • Long-lasting discussion groups
  • In depth interviews
  • Triads
  • Ethnographic observations

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